Eye Trend - Tastemaker Status

You’ll be seeing double with this “eye”-catching trend (too many puns?)

Looking to get some attention? You’ll definitely get some stares with this quirky motif. Okay, enough with the puns. Whether you choose bold & graphic, or simple & chic, the eye trend is definitely worth a second look (sorry, couldn’t help myself). Get the look below:



ASOS DESIGN Gold Plated Sterling Silver Cut Out Eye Motif Necklace

ASOS DESIGN Gold Plated Sterling Silver Cut Out Eye Motif Necklace, $29,




Eye Roll Pouch

Eye Roll Carry-All Pouch by Ambivalently Yours, $15.99,




Abstract Art Earrings, $6,




Closed Eyelaches T-Shirt

Closed Eyelashes T-shirt by TheTeeMachine, $24.99,




download (2)

The Eyes Have It Acrylic Clutch, $39.90,



Image Sources: Top left, Top right, unknown original source, Bottom left, Getty Images, Bottom right, damselfly_official, Instagram. Made with Canva.



J. Crew Fruit Bowl Earrings - Tastemaker Status

Channel Carmen Miranda in these saucy “fruit bowl” earrings for the perfect summer accessory.

Searching for the perfect punch for a simple white outfit? Look no further than these eye-catching earrings! Whether you’re vacationing to the islands, or attending your neighbor’s backyard luau, these J. Crew earrings are sure to get the party started.




Fruit Bowl Earrings, $68,


Image Sources: Blood Orange, Mowielicious. Lemon, The Glitter Guide.  Make-Up, Stephen Lewis, Instagram.